A robot?

The strength of a social robot is its ability to interact. It talks with customers, encourages them to interact.

In a store, it attracts people and conveys messages. For instance, it can demonstrate a product's value and if needed can notify the salesman.

Moreover, it collects and shares datas to adapt its behaviour and offers relevant interactions.


Our robots are real performance tools that meet retailers needs.

We have developed several applications to accompany the customer journey : "Welcome", "Product Demonstration", "Entertainment", "Customer Intelligence", and "Check-out".

A Robot Mastering App allows you to put your robot into the "on demand mode" and launch specific interactions.

A Management Platform?

In the package, you can access the robots' online management platform.

It allows you to manage your fleet of robot, to customize your apps, and to create and modify your own content.

You can also monitor the datas collected by the robots in order to measure the impact and the performance.

Robots + Apps = Smiles!

Our turnkey solution

from 150€ per month



Social Robots are good to draw the attention and engage the customer in order to convey effectively your message.


With ready-to-use applications, lets enrich the customer experience at each step of his journey!

This online platform lets you manage your robots, customize your apps, and create and modify you own content.

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